The emulator is a special type of software that enables users to run any software/ app/ games of another format on PC. PS3 emulator does the same thing here. It compiles the files in such a way so that the app/ game we want to play on our PC can run like butter- without any lag and without compromising any feature. Now-a-days hardcore PS3 gamers prefer Android phone over PC, and that’s why searches of PS3 Emulator for Android is surging up leaps and bounds. Our generation can ditch PC if the PS3 games can be run on Android. PS3 runs some very complex technologies and it’s lesser known, “Cell Microprocessor Technology”. Emulate PS3 contents into x86 processor (which is used in PCs) is not an easy job.

Finding PS3 Emulator – Current Scenario

There are many softwares in the market that claim to be a PS3 emulator but don’t go for them blindly as the maximum of them are in development phase and have lots of bugs. These may let you play some selective games and apps smoothly but you won’t able to unleash the potentials of the games of your choices. The story does not complete here. Some smart asses started offering different online marketing offers like- “Like us on Facebook” or something like “Complete the survey”. These are all related to CPL/ CPA offers. If you complete any of the listed surveys on those websites by putting your Email and phone numbers, be 100% sure that all those information will be sold to different companies and within few days your Email inbox will be flooded with numerous mails from different service providers and eventually calls will start coming on your phone for offers from many companies. So smart people like you always choose the proven one- a working PS3 emulator file.

PS3 Emulator- Our Solution

We always provide the exact information which can add value to your requirement of PS3 emulator. Here in below you will get brief info on the emulator for PS3 and the download link. There is a say that every good thing comes with a price tag but trust us- not everything! We have provided the link to PS3 emulator for PC download at no cost! – Free! But we will request you to go through the system requirements and all the other necessary info before jumping into the download link for free PS3 emulator.

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Run PS3 (Play Station) Emulator For PC- System Requirements to Run the Emulator on PC

Like all the other software emulators also need a special requirement because it enables all the PS3 games to run on the PC regardless of operating system though this time, the emulators support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 only. We have not tried these for Windows 10.

System RequirementSystem Specifications
OS (operating system)Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
CPU (Processor)Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz or higher

It is expected that in few months a version of this emulator for Mac will be released. Bookmark our site Keep checking it because we will update the free PS3 emulators for Mac as it comes in the market!

RAM: Minimum 2GB but we recommend a bit higher RAM to run this PS3 emulator.

.NET Framework: To run this emulator for PS3 can’t be run without Microsoft.NET framework installed in your PC. In case if you don’t have it, get it simply by clicking on the “Download Button” below.

Download PS3 Emulator online

How To Install.NET Framework 4.5 on your PC to Run PS3 Emulator 

.NET a framework is a software that supports constructing and running the updates applications and XML web services. If .NET framework is installed then it supports code execution environment of a software and it minimises software deployment. Apart from that, it restricts the conflicts between the versions of the software. Many of us face some typical problems while installing.NET framework so that the PS emulator we will download can run smoothly. So here are some tips- how to run.NET framework on your PC.

  • On the page, choose the Download button.
  • To install the software now, choose the Run button.
  • To install the software later, choose the Save button. (When you install, the computer must be connected to the Internet.

PS3 Emulator for PC: Screenshots of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Game Running on PC

Though there are a lot of hoaxes related to function ability of a PS3 emulator, we can assure you one thing that maximum PS3 games run on this emulator and here is the first proof.  But we have tested our tool and the most amazing part is the GTA runs on it like butter and here are the screenshots of the game. As because the emulator is in Beta (developing phase) we are providing it for free for testing purpose. 


Download PS3 Emulator for PC- Free Download 

Downloading a free  PS3 emulator for PC is just a matter of click. Simply clicking on the below button will open a Google Drive link. A simple click on the “Save” option will start the immediate download on your PC. CHEEERRRRSS….

Download PS3 Emulator for PC

How to Install PS3 Emulator PC

  • The first and foremost step to install this PS3 emulator on your PC and laptop is downloading the file.
  • Double-click on the setup file and by default, the installer will ask users for options and settings. We recommend leaving each and everything as default.
  • Copy the file to the system drive (it’s generally C drive in maximum PCs) after mounting. Otherwise, it may cause an error.
  • You can add the desktop shortcut to access faster directly from the screen.
  • Install the BIOS and then only you can load games and enjoy them on your PC!
  • You are done!…….BINGOOOO…..

# Note: try to maintain these below-mentioned points while installing the PS3 Emulator on your PC-

  • Turn off all the other program during installation of this software. 
  • Disable Windows Defender and any other Antivirus prior installation. 

Download PS3 Emulator BIOS

We tried to accumulate everything that you may need to play PS3 games on your PC or Android phone. We have packed a downloadable file of PS3 Emulator BIOS setup so that you don’t have to face any trouble while installing the emulator of PS3 on PC. You are always welcome to inform us if you have faced any trouble in installing this. Go to the comment section below and raise the issue (if you have any). 


How to Install PS3 Emulator BIOS Setup 

  1. Download the emulator file from the link given above. 
  2. Extract the file and install it. When you click on the setup file, it will ask for BIOS file to run. 
  3. Now run the BIOS file you have downloaded just now using the download link given above. 
  4. Copy the BIOS file to the system drive which is C drive in the general case.

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Users may face a typical BIOS problem while installing the emulator for PC. To get rid of this problem click on the below link. 

Check How to solve BIOS issue of a PS3 Emulator.  But for smarty asses, we have a video below which can demonstrate the step by step process. If you want to skip reading, tap plays button of the video given here.

Download PS3 Emulator for Android- Free Download 

Now-a-days Smartphone has been a common device to try everything new, starting from games to streaming online videos. The demand of PS3 Emulator for Android is surging up day by day. If you have an Android phone, and you, wish to play the same game you have been playing on your PS3 then, an emulator for Android version is a must. But the same problem arises when you search for it online. Even if you have downloaded any .apk of this, we can bet either that’s corrupted, or Android is flashing “potential threat detected” message. So what is the way to play PS3 games on Android? Here in below we have given a download link in the green “Download Now” button of a .apk file using which you can unleash the potential of a PS3 game on your Android phone. 

Download PS3 Emulator for Android

PS3 Emulator for iOS- Download for free

If you are using an iPhone and have been looking for a PS3 emulator which will run every PS3 game on iPhone or iPad. But you may have to wait few months because till now there is no update from developers’ sides on this. Soon it will come (even the “beta” version) we will update it here so that you can play PS3 games using a PS3 emulator for iOS. 

Emulator Knowledge Bank- How Emulator Woks

An emulator is a software that blends completely with the host PC or system to run a separate program which is completely coded in a different way, or we can better say the program suits for another OS (operating system). Do you know how the emulators around the world work?

For your better understanding, we are going to focus the light on it. Even if you are not a tech savvy person at all, you can easily understand the way it works.

There are fairly two types of emulators. One is of “Low level” and another is “high level”.

# Low-Level Emulation process: Let’s have a look at the low-level emulation process and how it does the things done for our entertainment. Again there are two types of ways we can direct the process. One is hardware level, and another is software level.

Hardware Level: In this process, the host computer/ system, creates a suitable environment for the game to run. The emulator simulates the hardware to provide extreme support for playing the game. The emulator simulates signals too to emulate the game in a better way. You might have recalled that the older version of Mac had an extra add on card that can read all MS-DOS program. It was called MS-DOS compatibility card. It used to have a 486 processor equipped system that could run all the x86 applications.

Software Level: This level of emulation requires the program package to run in a proper form. Generally high graphics games like Assassin’s Creed requires this type of emulation. 

# High-Level Emulation Process: It does not simulate the system. It does all the possible process to simulate the whole hardware. It automatically reads the whole configuration of a system once it’s installed and it reads every little data from a drive. A set of new commands starts doing the “emulating” the target file (the game we want to play).  

High-Level Emulation includes two steps-

Interpreting: Once the emulator is launched, it reads every line of the executable file and takes the possible command in action to run the program.

Dynamic Compiling: Once the emulator gets the codes of the file (the game), it starts to find out the properly optimised way to run the program (Game files) on the host system. It runs every system codes one by one. Microsoft .NET requires for doing these jobs.

FAQs about PS3 Emulator for PC and Android

We added this special part here because we have got a lot of responses from the visitors and the persons who have tried this emulator for PS3. To clear these things and make the whole picture clear we arranged this “frequently asked questions” part at the end section. We face many issues when it comes to installing a PS3 emulator on PC. And many questions pop up in our mind at that time. That’s why we have included many such queries here in below-

(Note: If you have invented any tip or trick of PS3 emulators or to run this emulator on PC or any system that you have, please share with us, we will add that with proper credit to you. We want to grow a community of those who are passionate about playing games on PS3 and are trying to find out an effective yet efficient way to tun all PS3 games on our PC.)

1. Is there any PS3 emulator that really works?

Ans: Yes, there is an emulator of PS3 that works and enables all games to run on PC without any issue. 

2. Maximum PS3 emulator exe and apk don’t work, what should I do?

Ans: It’s a real problem for all. Maximum PS3 emulator exe or PS3 emulator apk available online don’t work properly as many of those are fake, and some of those are still under development, that’s why those emulators can run some specific games only. 

3. Is it necessary to have a PS3 emulator to run PS3 games on PC?

Ans: yes, it’s a must to have a PS3 emulator exe to run the PS3 games on our PC and PS3 emulator apk if we want to run the game on our Android phone.  

4. Is the apk of PS3 emulator is safe?

Ans: Though it’s not registered in Google Play Store, it’s safe to install on Android operating system. One thing you should keep in mind that this apk can be run on Android 4.1 Jelly bean of higher OS. 

5. PS3 emulator apk is not running, what should I do?

Ans: It’s a rare case when the apk file does not run on your Android phone. For that check your mobile “settings” and change the things so that phone automatically allows installing apk from third party sites (Not from Google Chrome). 

6. Is there any emulator for PS3 that can be run on iOS? 

ANS: As of now there is nothing like that but may be within few months PS3 emulator for iOS will come though those BETA versions may not support all games. 

Here we have mentioned some general issues about this emulator and its .exe and its .apk files. 

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